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Genetics Society of America Medal Nomination

for outstanding contributions in the field of genetics in the last 15 years


Current GSA membership is required for individuals to be considered for this award. To check membership status, please see the membership search page.

Current GSA Awards Committee members are not eligible to serve as primary or secondary nominators.

Before submitting your nominations please review the list of previous recipients. Previous recipients may not be nominated for the same award.

Nominees will be considered for three years without the need to update information.

To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, individuals should refrain from nominating close family members, including spouses.

Nominations are due by: Due to the impacts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, we’ve received requests to extend the nominations by two weeks. The new nomination deadline is 11:59 pm, October 3, 2017 (US EDT)

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Candidate's Information

Nominator's Information

Secondary Nominator's Information

Please enter the name of a secondary nominator, who will be contacted to provide a letter of support for the candidate you have listed above. Please note that while an individual needs to be designated as a secondary nominator, the letter of support may be signed by multiple people.

Reason for Nominating

Please detail your reasons for nominating this individual. If your candidate does not fit with the award criteria, please consider nominating him/her for a different GSA Award!
Please describe the candidate’s important contribution to modern genetics (500 words or less). If the contributions took place more than 15 years ago, please note that the Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal is for lifetime achievement in genetics and may be more suitable for this candidate.
Please review the contents of this form for completeness and accuracy before submitting it to the GSA Administrative Office.

Thank you for your nomination.