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2015 DeLill Nasser Award Application

for conferences or courses held between January 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015


Applications are due by: October 10, 2014
Application deadline has passed. The application is closed.



*All Fields Required


• Applicants must be members of GSA for the 2015 calendar year (January 1 - December 31). The 2015 GSA membership application will be available mid-September. Please check back frequently at

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Phone Number:   e.g.: 301-555-1515
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Undergraduate Institution


Year started:  

Year ended:   (YYYY)
Degree Granted:  

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Year ended:   (YYYY) - Grad Students: include anticipated end date
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Research Experience


If a postdoctoral associate, provide a description of your graduate research experience (limit to 700 words; postdocs only)
Statement of Current Research Interests and Progress (limit to 700 words)



Please include a list of all of your publications, including those that are in press or accepted. (Do NOT include publications in preparation.)

Document Upload


Please upload your Curriculum Vitae.
Document should be in PDF format.

Information About Meeting/Course

Applying for funds to attend: 

 Meeting    Course

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Describe how the  meeting/course will enhance your professional development (limit to 250 words)  

If applying for a meeting, please specify if you plan to

   present a talk    present a poster    register without presenting  


Budget Information

Budget Justification for $1000 award (limit to 700 words)



Please provide names of two references who will provide letters of recommendation. We strongly recommend that one of the references be provided by your current graduate or postdoctoral advisor. Immediately after the successful submission of your application, each person you have given as a reference will receive an e-mail requesting the submission of a letter of recommendation on your behalf, to be received by the Administrative Office no later than October 17, 2014, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Reference 1



E-mail Address: 

Reference 2



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Please review the contents of this form for completeness and accuracy before submitting it to the GSA Administrative Office. Applications will not be considered without letters of recommendation.


All applications will be received online. Please send any questions or concerns to:


Beth Ruedi
Director of Education and Professional Development
Genetics Society of America
9650 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814-3998