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Society Awards

Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal
Genetics Society of America Medal
George W. Beadle Award
Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence in Education
The Novitski Prize
The Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award

Trainee Awards

Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Awards
The GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards
DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics
Trainee Poster Awards















Frequently Asked Questions





When are the deadlines for this cycle of applications?


Application deadline: April 2, 2019


Recommendation letter deadline: April 5, 2019


Deadline to become a GSA member: April 2, 2019


Can I use the DeLill Nasser Award to attend any conference?


Yes! A DeLill Nasser Award may be used to attend any course or conference that would enhance the recipient's professional development in genetics.


Who can apply for this award?


Only GSA members who are currently graduate students or postdocs may apply for a DeLill Nasser Award. Post-baccalaureates, lab technicians, or individuals who are searching for faculty positions but are no longer postdocs are not eligible.



My reference(s) didn't get an email asking them to upload the recommendation letter. What should I do?

  • Double-check your application status using the link you received when you submitted your application; make sure that the email address for your reference was entered correctly.

  • Have your reference check his or her spam folder.

  • If neither of the above reasons provides an explanation for why the email was not received, please email and ask for the email to be sent again.

I am listed as a non-member, but I am a member of GSA. What should I do?


Please email a copy of your membership confirmation to along with your DeLill application number.


When will I hear the outcome of the review process?


The review committee will make their final decision in the beginning of June 2018.


How is my application assessed?


In the first round, applications are judged on:

Significance of research:

  • Research MUST be in genetics and not, for example, biophysics

  • Research with higher impact on the field would be reviewed more favorably

  • Applicant-initiated science an asset 

Productivity, based on:

  • Publication record

  • Letters of recommendation

Other considerations:

  • Demonstrated service and leadership (primarily for postdoctoral applicants)

  • Seniority of student/postdoc – applicants nearing the end of their postdoctoral training or graduate degree who have been productive are generally given higher priority over those at the start of their training.

In the second round, applications are judged also on:

  • The genetic content of proposed course/conference and fit between course/conference and applicant; eg conferences/courses focusing on neuroscience or developmental biology would be given lower priority than conferences/courses with high genetic content unless a compelling case can be made.

  • Diversity
  • Demographics
    • Geographic location/type of institution
    • This often comes to light in the letters of recommendation
  • The budget 

I am the recipient of a DeLill Nasser Award! Can you please make the check out to my institution so that I don't need to pay taxes on this award?


The DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development in Genetics is awarded to individuals, not institutions; as such, we make the check out to the award winner. Each winner must fill out a Form W-9 (US citizens) or a Form W-8BEN (US residents, non-citizens) for the Internal Revenue Service. Please plan for your taxes accordingly.