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What's new with WormAtlas?C.A. Wolkow, L.A. Herndon, Z.F. Altun, K. Fisher, C. Crocker, D.H. Hall. WormAtlas, Center of C. elegans Anatomy, Albert Einstein Col Med, Bronx,

Over the past two years WormAtlas has added new content and many new features.  1) The Dauer Handbook has doubled in size and is now complete.  This Handbook offers 12 chapters describing the basics of dauer anatomy, organized by tissue type.  We also continue to curate and update the Adult Hermaphrodite and Male Handbooks.  2) The Individual Neuron pages have been extensively updated to include information on neurotransmitter and receptor specificity. To better convey the developmental dynamics in the origins of individual neurons, videos illustrating neuronal development and patterning in the embryo have been added for many of the C. elegans neurons. Videos were created by Anthony Santella & Zhirong Bao. 3) SlidableWorm has been expanded to include head and tail sections of the adult male. Currently, SlidableWorm offers over 100 annotated sections from the adult hermaphrodite. Work continues towards greater coverage of the hermaphrodite and male bodies. 4) An extensive collection of micrographs from aging adults has been added to WormImage. This collection describes adults at young, middle and old age and is annotated with locomotory data and aging class for each adult (Herndon et al., 2002).  WormImage welcomes further contributions to the EM archive. 5) WormAtlas has expanded its collection of archived papers and has reformatted the HTML version of classic C. elegans publications, including doctoral theses, to make them more accessible to users.  6) WormAtlas continues to make the handbook content accessible to mobile devices for the ease and convenience of all users. 

We are grateful to continued funding from NIH OD 010943.

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