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GSA Welcome
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WormBook News.Jane Mendel 1, Qinghua Wang 1, Todd Harris 1,2, Paul Sternberg 1,3, Oliver Hobert 4, Martin Chalfie 5. 1)Division of Biology and Biological Engineering, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA; 2)Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto, CANADA; 3)Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Pasadena, CA; 4)Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY; 5)Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University, New York, NY

WormBook ( is a comprehensive, open-access collection of original peer-reviewed chapters covering the biology of C. elegans and other nematodes. WormBook also includes WormMethods, which contains protocols ranging from the basics of C. elegans culture to advanced imaging techniques, WormHistory, which contains personal recollections of the early days of nematode research, and the Worm Breeder’s Gazette, an informal newsletter.  We are continually updating the older chapters in WormBook and WormMethods, as well as adding chapters on new topics. For example, we will shortly add several WormMethods chapters describing aspects and functions of WormBase.

We are very happy to announce the addition of an Introduction to WormBook: “A Transparent Window into Biology:  A Primer on Caenorhabditis elegans”, by Ann Corsi, Bruce Wightman, and WormBook editor-in-chief, Marty Chalfie, is scheduled to be copublished by Genetics and WormBook in June.

Additional developments include listing WormBook chapters in PubMed Central and upgrading the search feature of WormBook, WormMethods, and The Worm Breeder’s Gazette.

We welcome your feedback and comments on how we can improve WormBook, WormMethods, and The Worm Breeder’s Gazette to make them more useful to you, the worm community.

Please note: Abstract shown here should NOT be cited in bibliographies. Material contained herein should be treated as personal communication and should be cited as such only with the consent of the author.

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