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Session Title: Welcome and Opening Remarks
Benjamin Podbilewicz, Technion-IIT
Gillian Stanfield, University of Utah
GSA Welcome
Adam Fagen, GSA Executive Director
Plenary Session 1
Session Type: Plenary
Session Location: Royce Hall Session Time: Wed, Jun 24 7:00PM - 9:00PM

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Program Number: 6 Presentation Time: 8:45PM

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WormBase 2015.Paul Sternberg 1, Kevin Howe 2, Paul Kersey 2, Matt Berriman 3, Todd Harris 4, Lincoln Stein 4, Tim Schedl 5. 1)HHMI and Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA; 2)European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK; 3)Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK; 4)Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Toronto, Canada; 5)Washington University, St. Louis, USA

WormBase has existed for 15 years and has evolved in many ways.  The new website is fully operational and has made the process of adding new data types, displays, and tools easier. Behind the scenes we are piloting an overhaul of the underlying database infrastructure to allow us to handle the ever increasing data, have the website perform faster, and allow more frequent updates of information. This is a critical time for the project, as we face considerable pressure from two directions. The first is that our funders really want us to do more with less. We are responding to this by leading the way in making curation (the process of extracting information from papers and data sets into computable form) more efficient using a new version of Textpresso (to be released later this calendar year); by discussing with other model organism information resources ways to work together to be more efficient and inter-connected; and by seeking additional sources of funding. The second, delightful, pressure is an increase in data and results generated by the C. elegans and nematode communities. While we are handling this increase by changes in our software for curation, the database infrastructure, and the website, we do need your help.  Many of you have helped us over the last few years to identify data in your papers or by sending us data directly.  We now need you to help with a few types of information by submitting the data via specially designed, user-friendly forms that ensure good quality and the use of standard terminology. In particular, we have a large backlog of uncurated information associating alleles with phenotypes. We pledge to make this process as painless as possible, and to improve WormBase’s description of phenotypes with your feedback, starting at this meeting at the WormBase booth, workshops and posters. With your help, continual improvement of our efficiency, and additional sources of funding, we are optimistic that we can do much more with even somewhat less effort.

Consortium: Paul Davis, Michael Paulini, Gary Williams, Bruce Bolt, Thomas Down, Jane Lomax, Todd Harris, Sibyl Gao, Scott Cain, Xiaodong Wang, Karen Yook, Juancarlos Chan, Wen Chen, Chris Grove, Mary Ann Tuli, Kimberly Van Auken, D. Wang, Ranjana Kishore, Raymond Lee, John DeModena, James Done, Yuling Li, H.-M. Mueller, Cecilia Nakamura, Daniela Raciti, Gary Schindelman.

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