2005 - 2013 C. elegans Conference Statistics


UCLA 2013 2011 2009 2007 2005
Regular Scientific 506 435 423 441 558
Student/Trainee 1,239 1,237 1,162 1,271 1,165
Total Attendees 1,745 1,672 1,585 1,712 1,723








2013 Domestic and International Attendance


North America 1,292
Europe 278
Asia 148
Australia 17
South America 10
TOTAL 1,745



Confirmed 2015 Exhibitors


Genetics Society of America NemaMetrix WormAtlas
HawkVision Japan Phylum Tech Consortium WormBase
Integra Biosciences  RMC - Boeckeler WormGUIDES
Knudra Transgenics Source Bioscience  
MBF Bioscience Union Biometrica  


Confirmed 2015 Sponsor


PLOS Genetics  



Past Exhibitors


Andor Technology Genetics Society of America Olympus
Carl Zeiss Microimaging Integrated DNA Technologies Phylum Tech Consortium
Columbia University Press Kramer Scientific Phototonic Instruments
Exo Labs Leica Microsystems Southland Instruments
Firefly BioWorks MBF Bioscience Source BioScience
Gatan Microscope World Union Biometrica
Genesee Scientific NimbleGen  



Application must include:


  • Application Form
  • Payment Information
  • Names of Company Representatives attending meeting
  • 50 word description to be included in Program Book


Exhibit Space Rental


Commercial tables are $2,700. Included in standard booth space rental:


  • One six foot table and two chairs
  • 8' high back drape and 36" side rails in show colors for each 8' x 10' space
  • Two Full Conference Registrations for exhibit representatives
  • Listing in Program Book
  • Post-conference Registration Mailing List


Payment by check should be made payable to the Genetics Society of America or charge to Visa, MasterCard or American Express will be accepted. Payment and application should be sent to:

Anne Marie Mahoney

Genetics Society of America

9650 Rockville Pike

Bethesda, MD  20814



Phone: (301) 634-7039

Fax: (301) 634-7079


Exhibit Hours

The exhibits will be held during the poster sessions in Pauley Pavilion.


Move-in and Set Up: Thursday, June 25 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Exhibit/Poster Sessions: Thursday, June 25 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
  Friday, June 26 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
  Saturday, June 27 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Dismantle: Saturday, June 27 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm



Exhibitors are expected to have company representatives at their booths during the above times. 


Presentation of Products and Services


Exhibits must showcase instruments, products or services used in teaching or research, books or other publications in related scientific fields, computer programs and other products that encourage and support research in areas of genetics represented by GSA. In keeping with the educational purpose of GSA meetings, sales and order-taking are discouraged.


Exhibitor names, address, phone, fax, email and web site will be listed in the program book. This book serves as a reference and resource guide for registrants.


Shipping Instructions

Exhibitors are responsible for shipping their exhibit materials.  Regular parcel post, UPS or Federal Express shipments should not arrive at the University before June 22 and should be addressed as follows:

 Address for large shipments:


Pauley Pavilion

Company Name

Worm Conference 6/24-28/2015

410 Charles E. Young Drive West

Los Angeles, CA  90024


Address for small shipments:


First and last name of recipient

Company Name

20th International C. elegans Meeting

UCLA/Tanya Williams

330 De Neve Drive, L-16

Los Angeles, CA 90095





The Genetics Society of America, the C. elegans Meeting Program Committee, University of California, LA and their officers, agents and employees assume no liability for exhibitors' property.  Exhibitors are expected to carry adequate liability and loss insurance to cover possible loss/damage/theft of equipment, displays, personal items or other materials under the supervision of the Exhibitor.


Meeting Site and Facilities


All plenary sessions will be held in Royce Hall.  Poster sessions will be in Pauley Pavilion. Concurrent sessions will be held in Sunset Village and DeNeve Plaza. Attendees will be accommodated in residence halls within a ten-fifteen minute walk of Royce Hall and Pauley Pavilion. Meals will be served in two of the university dining halls located in the residence halls.




There is no decorator for this show. If electrical outlets are needed, contact mahoney@genetics-gsa.org.


Space Cancellation

Space may be canceled by written request to the Genetics Society of America and the entire amount paid by the Exhibitor will be refunded if request is received before May 1, 2015.  GSA will retain 50% of the total paid by the exhibitor for space cancellation requests received after May 1.



Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship will be awarded based on the first application received with the form and check or credit card payment. If the requested event has been assigned, GSA will contact the company representative to discuss other available options. The sponsorship opportunities are listed below.


Sponsorship Application Deadline: April 1, 2015



Morning Coffee break

Service for 1,650


  • Name and refreshment service listed on signs
  • Acknowledgement in program book
  • Sponsor slide in meeting room preceding scientific sessions

Evening Socials

Service for 1,650. Choice of evening socials.


  • Name and refreshment service listed on signs
  • Acknowledgement in program book
  • Acknowledgement on meeting website with hyperlink to sponsor website
  • Sponsor slide in meeting room preceding scientific sessions




If you are interested in website advertising please contact FASEB AdNet.

Deadline for advertising contracts is April 1, 2015.



$5,000    Leader Board Ad (appears at the top of the page)    

$2,000    200x200 square web ad   


Your website ad includes:

  • Ad visible from date submitted until end of 2015.
  • Ad rotates on informational pages throughout meeting web site
  • Ad will rotate on abstract search and program planner page in addition to regular placement


Banner Ad in attendees email “Important Details about Attending the Meeting” - $3,000

Before the meeting, pre-registered attedees receive an email with information to make their meeting experience go smoothly. Last year, the email was sent to 1,745 pre-registered attendees and opened 5,440 times - 311.9% open rate! Your linked banner ad featuring your company and/or product name and logo will be prominently displayed at the bottom of the email. This is an exclusive offer. Only one company ad will be placed in the email. Get in front of your customers, before they even arrive at the meeting.


Program Book

Deadline April 1, 2015

If you are interested in Program Book advertising, please contact FASEB AdNet at adnet@faseb.org


The Program Guide will be one of the most valuable resources at the meeting, it contains information on all scientific sessions and workshops, important maps, poster information and more.  A complete PDF of the Program is posted on the Conference Web Site starting in May and is referenced before and during the meeting and long after. 


The inside front and inside back cover are available for full page, four color advertisements in these premium, highly visible positions.


Inside Front (Cover 2)


Inside Back (Cover 3)  



Other Positions in Program Book

Alphabetical placement, full page, black and white $2,000


All advertisements are subject to GSA approval.


Are you looking for other opportunities to reach GSA members to let them know about your great products and services? GSA will also sponsor the following conferences in 2015: Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators, Drosophila Research Conference, and the Fungal Genetics Conference.