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The Genetics Society of America Peer-Reviewed Education Portal (PREP) was founded in 2012 in an effort to promote high-quality classroom resources for undergraduate courses. These resources are vetted and use evidence-based teaching methods (those shown to be effective in enhancing student learning and retention). Each resource fits into the learning framework of Core Concepts and Core Competencies in genetics (revised as needed by the GSA Education Committee), promoting the principles of traching set forth by the Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education.


GSA PREP Original Resources


GSA PREP publishes In-Class Exercises, Laboratory Exercises, Laboratory Protocols, and Images/Animations, as well as whole courses. These are peer-reviewed and use evidence-based teaching methods to ensure that using these resources will make your course effective and engaging.


GSA PREP is thrilled to be a partner with the Life Science Teaching Resource Community (LifeSciTRC), an onlinecommunity with 600 registered users and a library of more than 6,700 peer-reviewed teaching resources for life science educators at all levels.  All original resources published in GSA PREP are be deposited in this library, and join life science resources from eight other professional societies. We encourage educators to search their database for resources as well!


If you have an original resource that you would like to submit, please follow the instructions for authors.


GSA is a partner with HHMI's CourseSource for their course on genetics. Some resources published in GSA PREP that are appropriate for CourseSource will be chosen to submit as a Partner Article; if accepted, those will be posted on the CourseSource website.

Authors may choose to submit their resource to CourseSource instead of GSA PREP; in that event, the resource will be cross-posted in GSA PREP.