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GSA Education Special Interest Group


The GSA Education Special Interest Group (SIG) is committed to improving genetics education, and is available to GSA Members who have Postdoc, Regular, or Emeritus status. The Education SIG will provide a venue for information exchange and mutual support among GSA members with a significant interest in undergraduate and graduate education.

Participation in Education SIG activities will be on a volunteer basis, and may include:

  • Developing and reviewing resources for the GSA Education Website

  • Playing an active role in Educational Programming at GSA Conferences

  • Contributing to the GSA Newsletters

  • Developing education goals, objectives, and action plans for consideration by the GSA Board

  • Participating in education-related surveys

  • Suggesting funding sources for educational grants and scholarships

The Education SIG will support the work of the GSA Education Committee of the GSA Board of Directors and the GSA Director of Education. GSA Members who are interested in joining the Education SIG should send an email to


Current Members of the GSA Education SIG


Please fill out this survey if you have not already, so we can begin to build an SIG database.


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