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Other Resources

Programs, Resource Databases, Journals, and Websites 

(Many of these are also featured in GSA PREP)




Genomics Education Partnership (GEP): Collaborative effort providing opportunities for undergraduates to participate in genomics research using raw sequence data


BioEyes: K-12 science education program providing classroom-based learning using live zebrafish


Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT): Promoting inquiry-driven classroom research using real microarrays, synthetic biology, and next generation sequencing at greatly reduced costs


Resource Databases/Collections

BiosciEdNet (BEN): National Science Digital Library for biological sciences education


National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science: Peer-reviewed collection of case studies


The APS Archive of Teaching Resources: Collaborative library of life sciences



Model Organisms and Modern Biology: ModENCODE teams up with Science magazine to provide a thorough description of Drosophila and C. elegans as model systems.  The site includes a plethora of educational "modules" that cover everything from gene expression to models of human diseases.


Scitable: Nature Publishing Group's science library with personal learning tools in genetics


DNA Learning Center: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's science education center


Learn Genetics/Teach Genetics: Genetic Science Learning Center through University of Utah


GeneEd: Website created by NIH and the National Library of Medicine that links to vetted genetic education/information materials for high school students and the general public


Journals and Publications

Primers in GENETICS: Series of companion educational primers accompanying research articles published in GENETICS


CBE Life Sciences Education: Quarterly journal owned and published by The American Society for Cell Biology with the Genetics Society of America serving as an Editorial Partner. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed articles on life science education at the K-12, undergraduate and graduate levels.


Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE): Peer-reviewed video journal reviewing protocols, techniques, and STEM research



Drosophila: An app from Genesse Scientific that allows users to explore common mutants as well as mimic fly pushing, especially useful for teaching new students or researchers how to sex and phenotype flies (currently only available for iPhone/iPad)