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Primers in GENETICS
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Core Concepts and Core Competencies




We are actively seeking resources that cover these core genetics concepts while also promoting these core competencies.  Resources may absolutely cover multiple core concepts while developing multiple core competencies.


Listed below are the core categories and the core concepts within them to provide guidance for educational resource subject matter:


Core Category Core Concepts in Genetics
Nature of genetic material What is the molecular anatomy and function of genes and genomes?
What are the mechanisms by which an organism's genome is passed on to the next generation?
Transmission/ patterns of inheritance How does the phenomenon of linkage affect the assortment of alleles during meiosis?
How can one deduce information about genes, alleles, and gene functions from analysis of genetic crosses and patterns of inheritance?
Gene expression and regulation How can gene activity be altered in the absence of DNA changes?
How do genes and genomes control development?
Genetic variation How do different types of mutations affect genes and the corresponding mRNAs and proteins?
Evolution What are the processes that can affect the frequency of genotypes and phenotypes in a population over time?
Genetics and society How do the results of molecular genetic studies in model organisms help us understand aspects of human genetics and genetic diseases?























Additionally, our resources will promote proficiency in at least one core competency:


Core Competency (see Vision and Change)
Observational strategies/ Hypothesis testing/ Experimental design
Evaluation of experimental evidence
Developing and interpreting graphs
Applying statistical methods/ Modeling
Bioinformatics/ Managing large data sets
Inter-disciplinary (i.e. physics/chemistry)
Scientific writing
Explain concepts to different audiences
Relating to society or ethics