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The Genetics Society of America held its first exhibit at the 2012 USA SEF - where YOU could choose who would be...




And the 2012 Top Model Organism is.......






What you are saying about Mus musculus, the house mouse:

"Mice are cute and furry."             


"I have always liked mice."


"I pick mice because they have the most in common with us to further study."


Learn about the mouse

A close runner up - the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster:

"Different mutants have cool characteristics."              "I like how one kind has curly wings."


"I chose the fruit fly because it was interesting to see the different flies with mutations that are still living."


"Flies are the best model because they take less time to produce, and the mutants are easiest to see."


Learn about the fruit fly


Tied for last place, despite how cool they are...



The thale cress, Arabidopsis thaliana:

"Plants are cool!!!"


Learn about the thale cress


The red bread mold, a favorite fungus - Neurospora crassa:

"The vivid mutation is pretty"  


"Neurospora remains one of the most important models for study of circadian rhythms, epistasis, genome defense, and recombination.  Also, Neurospora has interesting mating "behavior" and uses chemical pheromones to signal readiness to anastamose. Also, any strain, whether mating type A or a, can act as male OR female.  Mice can't do THAT!"  

~ Kevin McCluskey, Fungal Genetics Stock Center


Learn about the red bread mold


Read about all of our MUTANTS on display here!



Evolution Thought Trail

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Evolution is improving your food!