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2017 Election Ballot

Deadline for Receipt of Ballot: 11:59 pm US EDT, Thursday, October 5, 2017



Dear GSA Member,


We are pleased to provide information about the 2017 election ballot from the Genetics Society of America (GSA). This year's ballot includes the election of a Vice-President (who will be President in 2019), and three Directors to three-year terms that will begin on January 1, 2018.


The ballot has been prepared by the 2017 GSA Nominating Committee. GSA strives to serve the entire breadth and diversity of our community, so please consider the overall composition of the Board as you cast your vote for one candidate in each section of the ballot. The following Directors will serve on the 2018 Board:


The 2018 Board of Directors:

Date in parenthesis is the last year of the person's Board tenure


  • Jeannie. T. Lee (HHMI/Harvard/Massachusetts General Hospital) (2019) 2018 President
  • Lynn Cooley (Yale University) (2018) 2018 Immediate Past President
  • David Greenstein (University of Minnesota) (2018) Secretary
  • Piali Sengupta (Brandeis University) (2019) Treasurer
  • Jef D. Boeke (NYU Langone Medical Center( (2019)
  • JoAnne Engebrecht (University of California, Davis) (2018)
  • Mary Lou Guerinot Dartmouth College (2019)
  • Hopi E. Hoekstra (HHMI/Harvard University) (2019)
  • Erika L. Matunis (Johns Hopkins University) (2018)
  • Eric U. Selker (University of Oregon) (2018)
  • Huntington F. Willard (University of Chicago) (2018)
  • Brenda J. Andrews (University of Toronto) (2020), Editor-in Chief, G3:Genes|Genomes|Genetics
  • Mark Johnston (University of Colorado School of Medicine) (2018), Editor-in-Chief, GENETICS
  • Alessandro A. Bailetti (NYU School of Medicine) (2018) Trainee Advisory Representative


To be elected

  • 2018 Vice-President (2020)
  • Three Directors (2020)

Please join GSA in thanking the members of the GSA Board whose current tenure will conclude on December 31, 2017:

  • Stanley Fields (HHMI / University of Washington) 2017 Immediate Past President
  • Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  • Craig S. Pikaard (HHMI and Indiana University)
  • Deborah Yelon (University of California, San Diego)
  • Heath Blackmon (University of Minnesota) (2017), Trainee Advisory Representative


Election Procedure

We encourage you to carefully consider each candidate's biographical sketch and candidacy statement before casting your vote. The candidate receiving the majority of votes in each section of the ballot will be elected. Winners will be announced soon after the election closes.


GSA provides the following safeguards:

  • Only current GSA members eligible to vote are given an authorized key code.
  • No one may vote more than once.
  • No one can determine or duplicate anyone else's vote.
  • No one can change a vote once it has been submitted.
  • After voting, each voter receives an immediate online verification which serves as a vote receipt.


If you need assistance, please email or call the GSA Administrative Office at 301-634-7300.


Sincerely, 2017 GSA Nominating Committee:

Stan Fields, Chair (ex officio)
David Greenstein, Secretary (ex officio)
Monica Colaiacovo
Ken Irvine
Detlef Weigel
Patricia Wittkopp





View the Biographical Sketches



* Voter code provided in initial ballot email sent from to the email address associated with your GSA Membership.