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Become part of an international community pursuing a shared commitment to genetics...


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Membership in Genetics Society of America (GSA) makes you part of a community of more than 5,500 scientists around the world committed to deepening our understanding of the living world through advancements in genetics.

GSA is the voice for those conducting fundamental studies in genetics and those working with model organisms from Arabidopsis to humans to zebrafish. Our members use genetics and genomics to advance knowledge in a wide variety of systems and applications, including those working with new and emerging systems as well as traditional model organisms, those employing and develop novel techniques and approaches, and those increasingly interested in the bioinformatics and analysis of data.


Your membership enables the Society to continue to advance scholarship in genetics, to convene you and your fellow researchers, to foster the careers of the next generation of geneticists, to communicate the value of research and of model organisms, to advocate on behalf of the genetics community, and much, much more.



Member Benefits


Your membership entitles you to a number of exclusive member benefits, including the following:





In addition, GSA members are eligible to receive discounts and special offers from GSA partners:




As a member, you support the increasing number of activities that GSA conducts on behalf of the genetics and model organism communities including the following:


  • Advocacy in support of funding and policies that promote research and education in genetics
  • Career development and education programming across GSA conferences
  •, GSA's jobs board launched in partnership with the American Society of Human Genetics




If you have suggestions for other benefits we should explore, please contact GSA at