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Help be the face of science!


GSA is again joining with The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) to encourage participation in simple efforts you can do without leaving home that can help draw attention to the importance of basic research.

We are challenging all GSA members to do something to highlight the work you’re doing to elected officials and the public.


  1. Take a picture at your next lab meeting or journal club! Show America that research is done by people, whether PI or postdoc, student or technician. Include a printout of the “WE ARE RESEARCH” poster. Post your picture on GSA’s Facebook page, tweet it to us @GeneticsGSA, or send it to us at
  2. Recruit your friends and colleagues to join GSA’s grassroots advocacy lists. Joining the FASEB Stand Up for Science! and the Coalition for the Life Sciences’ Congressional Liaison Campaign networks will keep you informed about policy developments and the easy ways that you can help.
  3. Make a two-minute video explaining your research to a non-scientist. Pretend like you’re explaining it to your grandmother—or actually sit down with your grandma and actually explain it to her! Post the video to GSA’s Facebook page or upload it to YouTube and send the link to us at


  1. Invite others to visit your lab. Show your Senator and Congressional representative—and their staff—what you do and explain the importance of your research. Also reach out to your state representative or city council member. Invite your local TV station or news reporter. Connect with local patient groups who have an interest in the outcome of your research.
  2. Take your science to your street. Science is local, and there’s no better way to show your neighbors that research is an essential part of their community and local economy than by giving a brief talk to a local civic group, whether the Rotary Club, your neighborhood church, or the local garden club or high school.


There has never been a more urgent time to advocate for science. As you know, the federal budget is increasingly contrained and support for science continues to be squeezed. Beyond funding, though, we need to enhance respect for and increase public appreciation for the vital role that American science must play in the 21st century.

Although GSA and our advocacy partners work to make the case for science funding, legislators need to hear from you, their constituents! And they need to see the contributions that science is making to the nation, to the economy, and to the important challenges researchers are addressing.




Here are some ways that GSA Members are demonstrating that






Mohamed Noor describes his OWN genetic makeup, straight from the Noor Lab at Duke University





By sending your photo or video to GSA or posting it on a GSA site, you agree that you have permission from those in the picture to use their image, and you provide GSA and ASCB with permission to use the photo and/or video for our efforts to advocate on behalf of the scientific community.