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2014 Important Dates

Abstract Submission Opens March 21
Conference Registration Opens March 28
Travel Award Application April 24
Abstract Submission Deadline April 24
DeadlineAbstract Revision Deadline April 25
Microphone Runner Application Deadline April 26
Platform/Poster Assignments Online June 8
Abstract Search and Program Planner Online June 25
Early Meeting Registration June 26
Housing Reservation June 26



Links to:

Program Book (pdf)

Abstract Book (pdf) NOTE: Text of abstracts are not available in the printed program that will be distributed at the meeting. You must download this book and bring it with you if you would like the text of all the abstracts, in printed form, while attending the meeting. A link to the abstract book is also available on the mobile website.

Bookmark the meeting mobile website for quick links to the schedule of events, pdf of the books, the registration list, exhibitor list and more:



Abstract Deadline: Thursday, April 24, 2014, midnight, US East Coast time



The abstract submission site is now closed. There will be extra posterboards available. If you did not submit an abstract on time, you can bring a poster and display it on an empty board. The poster will not appear in the book or online.


You are invited to submit abstracts for either poster or platform presentation. Abstracts should contain only new and unpublished material, and should only be submitted if at least one author plans to attend the meeting and present the work in either a poster or platform session. It is the custom to have only one platform presentation per lab, preferably from a graduate student or postdoc and not from the lab head. Abstracts should not exceed 2,500 characters. The title, authors, affiliations, main body of abstract and spaces are included in the character count.


Abstracts will appear online exactly as submitted, i.e., no corrections, additions, revisions or deletions will be made by the GSA staff. Revisions and corrections may be made only by the author via the abstract submission program, no later than the April 25 revision deadline.  Please proof your text carefully before submitting.


A confirmation will appear directly online after a successful submission. Confirmation of abstract receipt will include an abstract control number, an author ID number for future reference and text of the abstract.


Because platform presentation requests far exceed platform presentations slots, authors should be prepared to present a poster if their abstract is not selected for a platform presentation.



Abstract Submission Instructions

Step 1. Enter Presenting Author information.


Step 2. Abstract Presentation Information:


A. Select a Research Area from the following list. Select the area that best defines the session in which you would like to be included.

I. Cell Biology

  • Cytoskeleton

  • Mitochondria/Vacuoles/Peroxisomes

  • Protein Sorting and Turnover

  • Signal Transduction

  • Cell Cycle/Growth Control/Metabolism

  • Mating/Sporulation/Meiosis

  • Other

II. Chromosome Dynamics

  • Replication

  • Telomeres

  • Centromeres

  • Transposition

  • Recombination

  • Mutagenesis/Repair

  • Chromosome Structure

  • Other

III. Gene Expression

  • Chromatin

  • Transcription

  • RNA Processing

  • RNA Turnover

  • Nucleo/Cytoplasmic Transport

  • Epigenetic Mechanisms

  • Translation

  • Other

IV. Global Analysis

  • Genomics

  • Proteomics

  • Technology

  • Networks

  • Informatics/Computational Biology

  • Evolution/Comparative Genomics

  • Human diseases/Drug Discovery

  • Other Yeasts

  • Other

V. Academic Teaching


B. Select a presentation type: oral or poster.


C. Select if you want to be entered in the Genetics Society of America Poster Award Competition. You are invited to enter the abstract in the poster competition if you are a GSA member, the first and presenting author, and a graduate or undergraduate student. Note that you may enter only one abstract in the competition.

Step 3. Enter all the author names and institutions. Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the author information.


Incorrect format - JOHN SMITH 

Correct format - John Smith


Step 4. Enter abstract title. Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the entire title.



Correct format - Sample abstract title for the Yeast Genetics Meeting 


Step 5. Enter body of abstract. The title, authors and affiliations should not be included in the main body of the abstract. Check to ensure that the abstract does not exceed 2,500 characters and submit abstract. The title, authors, affiliations, main body of abstract and spaces are included in the character count.


Step 6.   The program book will contain a Genetic index of abstracts mentioning specific genes. You will be asked to provide the current SGD or PomBase gene symbol (e.g. act1) of any gene(s) that you want to appear in this Genetic Index. A gene's current symbol can be found on SGD or PomBase. Only provide details for yeast genes that are explicitly mentioned in your abstract title and/or text and which currently have an associated Gene Report page in SGD or PomBase.


Step 7. Submit the abstract. Once the abstract is accepted, presenting authors commit themselves to attend the conference. Regular registration is obligatory and binding and implies payment of regular registration fee.


Abstracts for platform presentation will be reviewed and may be selected by the program committee.  The abstracts submitted for platform presentation that are not scheduled by the program committee for a talk will be assigned to the poster sessions.


Abstracts submitted for poster presentation will be assigned to the session topic indicated on the submission. Posters will be grouped alphabetically by the presenting author’s last name (family name) in the research areas listed above.


Submission Rules & Guidelines


All authors will be asked to approve the following statement when submitting an abstract: "I have read, understand and agree to the submission rules and guidelines." Your abstract will not be programmed if this box has not been checked.


  1. An individual may be the presenting author of more than one abstract. The presenting author does not have to be the first author to appear on the abstract.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted with the intention that they will be presented if selected. Presenting authors are expected to attend the meeting and make the platform or poster presentation. Presenting authors should not submit abstracts if they do not plan to attend the meeting.
  3. A complete abstract should include a statement of purpose, methods used, and a summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusion. Statements such as "results will be described" should be avoided.
  4. Abstracts will appear online exactly as submitted, i.e., no corrections, additions, revisions or deletions can be made by the GSA staff. Only the submitting author may make revisions and corrections via the online abstract submission program. All revisions must be made no later than the April 25, 2014, revision deadline. Please proof your text carefully before submitting.
  5. Any authors presenting a talk in a workshop may not give a platform session presentation on the same topic. However, those authors whose abstracts are selected for a workshop MUST display their poster for the length of the meeting in the poster area and MUST present that poster during scheduled times.
  6. All abstracts submitted will be assigned either a platform or poster presentation at the discretion of the meeting Organizers and their Committee. The Committee reviews all abstracts submitted for presentation and determines whether an abstract is suitable for platform or poster presentation. Because platform presentation requests far exceed platform presentation slots (only 10-15% of all abstracts received can be accommodated in platform sessions), authors should be prepared to present a poster if their abstract is not selected for a platform presentation.
  7. The Organizers reserve the right to decline a presentation to any submitted abstracts that lack scientific content or merit, or merely announce the availability of a resource or service.



Abstract Revisions


All revisions must be completed before midnight, April 25, 2014, U.S. East Coast time. Revisions will not be accepted after this date.



Abstract Withdrawals


The first/presenting author can withdraw their abstract on the abstract revision website. Withdrawal requests (from the first/presenting author only) should be made by midnight, US Eastern Standard Time on or before April 25, 2014. The author will need their last name, abstract control number and personal id number to enter the revision program.  All abstracts will be published and cannot be removed from publication after April 25, 2014. Abstracts not withdrawn by April 25 will be reviewed and if selected for presentation will be published online.   This information can be accessed by the public and may be referenced by the Genetics Society of America Media Relations staff and others.



The Genetics Society of America Conferences - Abstract Licensing Agreement


In consideration of the Genetic Society of America's (GSA's) acceptance of the abstract, the sponsor author grants GSA a nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to copy, reproduce and publish the abstract in GSA's publication of Yeast Meeting abstracts and/or other compilations or collective works to be assembled and owned by GSA (together, "Collective Works") in any form or medium now existing or hereafter created throughout the world.

The sponsor author understands and agrees that GSA shall own all rights, including copyright, in and to the Collective Works including the right to:


  1. distribute, reproduce, license, display, perform, lend, lease, or transfer rights to the Collective Works to third parties,
  2. prepare derivative works of the Collective Works, and
  3. register the Collective Works in GSA™s own name with the US Copyright Office.


It is understood that the sponsor author and/or third parties with copyrights shall retain copyright in and to the abstract contributed by the sponsor author to a Collective Work. The sponsor author affirms that he/she is the author and owner of the abstract and holds all copyrights in and to the abstract, or has secured any third party permissions necessary to grant GSA the above rights. The sponsor author is responsible for providing any related third party with a copy of this grant of rights.



Cameras, Cell Phones and Video Recording Devices


The use of cameras and recording devices in plenary, workshop and poster sessions is prohibited without expressed permission from an authorized GSA representative. By attending a GSA conference, you grant GSA with the right to use your photograph, name, and likeness for use in GSA educational, news, or promotional materials. GSA will take steps to avoid sharing the content of presentations and posters in order to protect unpublished data.



Author Presentation Notification



The highlighted letters below provide access to alphabetical lists of the authors whose abstracts have been programmed. Please click on the first letter of the presenting author's last name (surname) to view the assignment for either a plenary or poster presentation. It is not possible to view abstract assignments using co-author names. If you have not already registered for the meeting (your abstract submission does not register you for the meeting) or booked your hotel room, please do so today by clicking here.

Detailed instructions for plenary and poster presentations are available.

To view abstract program assignments, please click on the first letter of the presenting author's last name (surname):




Abstract Search and Program Planner


The Conference Abstract Search and Program Planner enables the user to search (by keyword, author and abstract title), view and print all abstracts. The program will also permit the user to select abstracts of interest to create a day-by-day, session-by-session personal Conference itinerary.  Please note that late abstracts will not be available in this abstract search.



Program Book


The Program Book will be provided at the meeting to registrants and is included in the registration fee.  


Special Note:


In an effort toward conservation, the full text of all abstracts submitted by the deadline date will only be available on line and will NOT be printed in the program book.


The Program Book will still contain the full schedule information including platform and poster session date, time, title, authors, gene index, and the speaker/author index. You are encouraged to print full abstracts for those sessions of interest before leaving home. A full searchable database of all abstracts submitted by the deadline of April 24, 2014 will be available by June 29, 2014. Search criteria will include: author, gene number, program number, title, text, date of presentation and type of presentation.


There will be the option of printing the full text of the abstracts from a pdf file. In addition, the schedule of events and abstracts will be available for viewing on attendee's personal web enabled mobile device.


Late abstracts will only be accepted if space permits and will not be included in the online search.



Poster Sessions


The majority of the submitted abstracts will be scheduled as posters. There will be 3 poster sessions. The posterboards will be 4 feet high x 8 feet wide. Each poster will have a space 3’10” (111.8cm) high by 3’10” (111.8cm) wide. There will be two posters on each board. All the poster sessions will be in the evening.



Equipment for Oral Presentations


The following equipment will be provided in all plenary sessions: a 2.4 GHz MacBook with a full install of Microsoft Office 2011, an LCD projector, laser pointer and lavaliere microphone. Please have your presentation stored on a usb drive. Presenters should plan to be in Meany Theater 60 minutes prior to the start of their session to upload and test their presentation.