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2014 Important Dates

Abstract Submission Opens August 15
Conference Registration Opens October 6
Travel Award Application October 16
Abstract Submission Deadline October 27
Abstract Revision Deadline October 28
Early Meeting Registration November 13
Housing Reservation November 13
Platform/Poster Assignments Online December 15

Abstract Deadline: October 27, 2014, midnight, US East Coast time


Every registrant is required to submit an abstract by October 27. The abstracts will be reviewed by the organizers. All authors will be notified by October 30 if they have been accepted into the meeting.


Abstracts featuring unpublished data, new technologies or novel concepts are more likely to be chosen for an oral presentation and should only be submitted if the author plans to attend the meeting and present the work.  Abstracts should not exceed 2,500 characters. The title, authors, affiliations, main body of abstract and spaces are included in the character count.


Abstracts will appear online exactly as submitted, i.e., no corrections, additions, revisions or deletions will be made by the GSA staff. Revisions and corrections may be made only by the author via the abstract submission program, no later than the October 27 revision deadline.  Please proof your text carefully before submitting.


A confirmation will appear directly online after a successful submission. Confirmation of abstract receipt will include an abstract control number, an author ID number for future reference and text of the abstract.


Application/Abstract Submission Timeline:

October 27 - Application/Abstract Submission Deadline

October 30 - Authors are notified if they have been accepted into the meeting

November 13 - Housing/Registration deadline

December 15 - Authors notified about the presentation time and format of their abstract (platform or poster)


*Please note: If your application/abstract is not accepted for the meeting, your registration fee will be reimbursed in full.



Abstract Submission Instructions

Step 1. Enter Presenting Author information.


Step 2. Enter Abstract Presentation Information: Select a Research Area from the following list. Select the area that best defines the session in which you would like to be included.


    1. Adult Structures

    2. Cancer and other Disease Models

    3. Cell Biology and Cell Migration

    4. Endodermal Systems

    5. Genome Editing Technologies

    6. Germ Cells and Early Embryogenesis

    7. Imaging Technologies

    8. Mesodermal Systems

    9. Neural Circuits and Behavior

    10. Neural Development, Disease, and Regeneration

    11. Omics Technologies

    12. Phenotyping Technologies

    13. Stem cells and regeneration

    14. Other


Step 3. Enter up to three keywords.


Step 4. Enter all the author names and institutions. Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the author information.


Incorrect format - JOHN SMITH 


Correct format - John Smith


Step 5. Enter abstract title. Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the entire title




Correct format - Correct abstract title style for the Zebrafish Meeting 


Step 6. Enter body of abstract. The title, authors and affiliations should not be included in the main body of the abstract. Check to ensure that the abstract does not exceed 2,500 characters and submit abstract. The title, authors, affiliations, main body of abstract and spaces are included in the character count.


Step 7. Submit the abstract.


Authors will be notified on October 30 if their abstract has been accepted to the meeting. *Please note, if your application/abstract is not accepted for the meeting, your registration fee will be reimbursed in full.


Abstracts for platform presentation will be reviewed by the program committee. The abstracts submitted for platform presentation that are not scheduled by the program committee for a talk will be automatically assigned to the poster sessions.


Submission Rules & Guidelines

All authors will be asked to approve the following statement when submitting an abstract: "I have read, understand and agree to the submission rules and guidelines." Your abstract will not be programmed if this box has not been checked.

  1.  Abstracts must be submitted with the intention that they will be presented if programmed. Presenting authors should not submit abstracts if they do not plan to attend the meeting.
  2. A complete abstract should include a statement of purpose, methods used, and a summary of results in sufficient detail to support the conclusion. Statements such as "results will be described" should be avoided.
  3. Abstracts will appear in the program book exactly as submitted, i.e., no corrections, additions, revisions or deletions can be made by the GSA staff. Only the submitting author may make revisions and corrections via the online abstract submission program. All revisions must be made no later than the October 17, 2014, revision deadline. Please proof your text carefully before submitting.
  4.  All abstracts submitted will be assigned either a platform or poster presentation at the discretion of the meeting organizers and the Planning Committee. The Committee reviews all abstracts submitted for presentation and determines whether an abstract is better suited for platform or poster presentation. Because platform presentation requests exceed platform presentation slots, authors should be prepared to present a poster if their abstract is not selected for a platform presentation.


Abstract Revisions

All revisions must be completed before midnight, October 27, 2014, U.S. East Coast time. Revisions will not be accepted after this date.


Abstract Withdrawals

The presenting author can withdraw their abstract on the abstract revision website. Withdrawal requests (from the presenting author only) should be made by midnight, US Eastern Standard Time on or before October 27, 2014. The author will need their last name, abstract control number and personal id number to enter the revision program.  All abstracts will be published and cannot be removed from publication after October 27, 2014. 



GSA Conferences - Abstract Licensing Agreement

In consideration of the Genetic Society of America's (GSA's) acceptance of the abstract, the presenting author grants GSA a nonexclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to copy, reproduce and publish the abstract in GSA's publication of 6th Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators abstracts and/or other compilations or collective works to be assembled and owned by GSA (together, "Collective Works") in any form or medium now existing or hereafter created throughout the world.

The sponsor author understands and agrees that GSA shall own all rights, including copyright, in and to the Collective Works including the right to:

  • distribute, reproduce, license, display, perform, lend, lease, or transfer rights to the Collective Works to third parties,
  • prepare derivative works of the Collective Works, and
  • register the Collective Works in GSA™s own name with the US Copyright Office.

It is understood that the presenting author and/or third parties with copyrights shall retain copyright in and to the abstract contributed by the presenting author to a Collective Work. The presenting author affirms that he/she is the author and owner of the abstract and holds all copyrights in and to the abstract, or has secured any third party permissions necessary to grant GSA the above rights. The presenting author is responsible for providing any related third party with a copy of this grant of rights.


Cameras, Cell Phones and Video Recording Devices

The use of cameras and recording devices in plenary, concurrent and poster sessions is prohibited without expressed permission from an authorized GSA representative. By attending a GSA conference, you grant GSA with the right to use your photograph, name, and likeness for use in GSA educational, news, or promotional materials. GSA will take steps to avoid sharing the content of presentations and posters in order to protect unpublished data.


Author Presentation Notification

The highlighted letters below provide access to alphabetical lists of the authors whose abstracts have been programmed. Please click on the first letter of the presenting author's last name (surname) to view the assignment for either a plenary, concurrent or poster presentation. It is not possible to view abstract assignments using co-author names.


Detailed instructions for plenary, concurrent and poster presentations are available.

To view abstract program assignments, please click on the first letter of the presenting author's last name (surname):




Program Book

The Program Book will be provided at the meeting to registrants and is included in the registration fee.  

Poster Sessions

There will be 2 poster sessions in the evening.  There will be two posters displayed on one 4 ft. x 8 ft. poster board. Each poster author will be assigned to share a poster board. Each author will have a net useable space that measures 3’8” (111.8 cm) high x 3’8” (111.8 cm) wide. Posters should be designed in a portrait/vertical format. Only one author will present at the board each evening.  

Equipment for Oral Presentations

The following equipment will be provided in all plenary sessions: a 2.4 GHz MacBook with a full install of Microsoft Office 2011, an LCD projector, laser pointer and lavaliere microphone. Please have your presentation stored on a usb drive. All morning session speakers should upload their presentation on the conference computer in Merrill Hall between 7:30 am and 8:30 am. Speakers for concurrent sessions should be in their session room 60 minutes prior to the start of their session to upload and test their presentation.