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2014 Important Dates

Abstract Submission Opens August 15
Conference Registration Opens October 6
Travel Award Application October 16
Abstract Submission Deadline October 27
Abstract Revision Deadline October 28
Early Meeting Registration November 13
Housing Reservation November 13
Platform/Poster Assignments Online December 15

Poster Session Listing


Cancer and other Disease Models

Zebrafish genetic approaches to identify therapeutic targets for Ewing Sarcoma. Joanie Neumann, James Amatruda.

Ewing sarcoma Ewsa protein regulates chondrogenesis of Meckel’s cartilage through modulation of Sox9 in zebrafish. C. Merkes, T. Turkalo, N. Wilder, H. Park, L. Wenger, S. Lewin, M. Azuma.

Xenotransplant of human glioblastoma cells in larval zebrafish exhibit hallmarks of brain tumors. Alessandra Welker, Brian Jaros, Balveen Kaur, Christine Beattie.

TFAP2A operates in parallel with MITF to drive gene expression in melanocytes. Robert Cornell, Hannah Seberg, Stacie Lotfus, Ramakrishna Sompallae, Juan Santana, Robert Manak, William Pavan.

Decreased leukemia propagating cells in hdac1 haploinsufficient T cell lymphoblastic leukemia. Jill de Jong, Margaret Pruitt, Sean McConnell, Wilfredo Marin, Anthony Restaino.

Analysis of RNAseq datasets from acomparative infectious disease zebrafish model using GeneTiles bioinformatics. Jan de Sonneville, Wouter Veneman, Kees-Jan van der Kolk, Anita Ordas, Zaid Al-Ars, Annemarie H. Meijer, Herman P. Spaink.

Shp2 variant signaling in zebrafish models of Noonan and LEOPARD syndrome. Jeroen den Hertog.

New tools for studying lipid absorption and metabolism in zebrafish. Jessica Otis, Vanessa Quinlivan-Repasi, Steven Farber.

Central Nervous System Infiltration by Zebrafish T Lymphoblast Malignancies. Chiara Borga, Lance Batchelor, Silvia Bresolin, Ilaria Bronzini, Giuseppe Basso, Nikolaus Trede, Geertruy te Kronnie, J. Kimble Frazer.

Analysis of GRK2 function in vertebrate Hedgehog signalling. Philip Ingham, Raymond Lee, Audrey Qin, Zhonghua Zhao.

Transgenic lines for the identification of transcription factor-binding small molecules, cofactors and target genes. Henry Krause, Jens Tiefenbach, Michael Long, Jason Burgess.

Susceptibility to the Dysphania plant toxin biliatresone involves conserved genetic and stress responses linked to the pediatric liver disease biliary atresia. Xiao Zhao, Kristin Lorent, Michael Pack.

Peroxisomal Slc25a17 regulates genes necessary for swim bladder development during zebrafish embryogenesis. Raekil Park, Yong-Il Kim, Joon No Lee, Dong-Kyu Lee, Kyeong-Won Lee, Sushil Bhandari, Se-Jin Kim, Sung Won Kwon, Hong-Seob So, Seong-Kyu Choe.

Using a zebrafish line to screen for new drug therapy of retinoblastoma. Lionel Page, Nathalie Allaman-Pillet, Daniel Schorderet.

Modeling Oligoneural Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors in Zebrafish Identifies MEK as a Therapeutic Target. Katarzyna Modzelewska, Daniel Picard, Elena Boer, Rodney Miles, Theodore Pysher, Joshua Schiffman, Cicely Jette, Annie Huang, Rodney Stewart.

Cloning of the zebrafish kidney mutant zeppelin reveals that brca2/fancd1 is essential for renal development. R. Wingert, P. Kroeger, R. Miceli, M. McKernan, K. McCampbell, A. Fox, R. Bounds, J. Cihlar, I. Leshchiner, . Davidson, R. Thummel, C. Wilson, R. BreMiller, J. Postlethwait, W. Goessling.

Genome Editing Technologies

Efficient and precise epitope tagging using CRISPR/Cas9. Darius Balciunas, Leonard Burg, Tristan Bonawitz, Karen Zhang, Viktorija Grajevskaja, Richard Waring, Gianfranco Bellipanni, Jorune Balciuniene.

Mesodermal Systems

What triggers zebrafish fast muscle morphogenesis? Jared Talbot, Kimberly Hromowyk, David Langenau, Sharon Amacher.

IMammalian TRIM27 is functionally equivalent to zebrafish Bloodthirsty in erythroid differentiation. H. William Detrich, Sandra K. Parker, Paul Kingsley, James Palis.

The gene-trap line qmc551 reveals two modes of endothelial to haematopoietic transition and suggests an important role for Gfi1 in the process. Martin Gering, Thambyrajah Roshana, Ucanok Deniz, Jalali Maryam, Wilkinson Robert, McMahon Kathryn, Moore Chris.

Transcriptional regulation of miR-430 expression by Mespaa is important for cardiac laterality. Canan Doganli, Melissa Sandoval, Mai Baalbaki, Sean Thomas, Daniel Hart.

Remodeling of the ECM microenvironment during muscle development involves crosstalk between laminin, fibronectin, and matrix metalloproteinase 11. Clarissa Henry, Molly Jenkins, Bryan Crawford, Sarah Allrowaished.

A default endothelial fate for tailbud derived mesoderm. Benjamin Martin, Brian Kinney, Richard Row.

Assessing mRNA biomarkers for studying epigenetic drug therapies in the zebrafish Duchenne muscular dystrophy model. Lisa Maves, Gist Farr, Nathan Johnson.

Cyp26 enzymes balance cardiac and vascular lineages within the anterior lateral plate mesoderm. Joshua Waxman, Ariel Rydeen.

Neural Development, Disease, and Regeneration

Regeneration of all the components of the mechanosensory lateral line system. Miguel Allende, Mario Sánchez, María Laura Ceci, Daniela Gutiérrez, Consuelo Anguita-Salinas.

Activity-dependent mechanisms of myelination. Jacob Hines, Rani Schwindt, Bruce Appel.

Impaired neural circuit formation and differential RNA editing in a zebrafish model for fragile X syndrome. Adi Shamay-Ramot, Khen Khermesh, Yishay Pinto, Michal Barak, Hagit Porath, Tali Lerer-Goldshtein, Chaim Wachtel, Erez Levanon, Lior Appelbaum.

Anoxia tolerance in zebrafish embryos. R. Brewster, A. Goodwin, C. Johnson, K. Cerra, C. Crouse, J. Park.

Neuromast Formation and Deposition by the Lateral Line Primordium- Integrating Time Lapse Imaging and Computational Models. Damian Dalle Nogare, Katherine Somers, Jeffrey Head, Ajay Chitnis.

Genetic Influences on Zebrafish Enteric Nervous System Development. Judith Eisen, Julia Ganz, Ellie Melancon, Angel Amores, Catherine Wilson, Peter Batzel, Marie Strader, Ingo Braasch, Ryan Baker, Raghuveer Parthasarathy, John Postlethwait.

Lineage Tracing of Neuronal Progenitor Cells Expressing dlx Genes in the Zebrafish Brain. Marc Ekker, Cynthia Solek, Shengrui Feng, Elyssa Mahoney.

A role for motile ciliogenesis in the developing brain. Jessica TeSlaa, Irina Sedykh, Abigail Keller, Rose Tatarsky, Marc Wolman, Yevgenya Grinblat.

Small molecule modulators for mitochondrial protein import impair neuronal branching and mitochondrial movement in primary motor neurons during development. Carla Koehler, Jisoo Han, Christina Jayson, Meghan Johnson.

Mutations in Rax/rx3 cause abnormal hypothalamic and pituitary development, which underlies neuroendocrine disorders in humans with anophthalamia. Zi Wei Zhang, Cassandra Kinch, Sarah Haggstrom, Elena Kozhemyakina, Xing-Chang Wei, Francois Bernier, Jillian Parboosingh, Micheil Innes, Peter Mathers, Deborah Kurrasch.

Hedgehog signaling controls cell movements underlying choroid fissure formation. Emily Wirick, Kristen Kwan.

Spinal Cord Interneuron Specification. Katharine Lewis.

Mitotic and non-mitotic hair cell regeneration in zebrafish lateral line. Y. WU, D. LIU.

Glutamate Signaling at the First Visual Synapse. Stephanie Niklaus, Lucia Cadetti, Marion Haug, Colette Maurer, Stella Glasauer, Matthias Gesemann, Stephan Neuhauss.

The olfactory system: some assembly required. Jonathan A. Raper.

Gene-Environment Interactions of SOD1 Mutations with the Neurotoxin BMAA in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Roger Sher, Samantha Powers, Samantha Kwok, Thomas Lavin.

Essential roles for cerebrospinal fluid factors during brain development. Hazel Sive, Jessica Chang, Christian Cortes-Campos, Ryann Fame.

Control of brain patterning by Engrailed paracrine transfer: a new function for the PBX interaction domain. Michel Volovitch, Christine Rampon, Carole Gauron, David Bensimon, Ludovic Jullien, Sophie Vriz, Alain Joliot.

Non-cell autonomous mechanisms contribute to motoneuron degeneration in a zebrafish model for spinal muscular atrophy. Christoph Winkler, Shermaine Tay, Himanshu Vyas, Angela Koh, Kelvin See, Sinnakarupan Mathavan.

Phenotyping Technologies

Pan-Cellular Tissue Tomography: Enabling quantitative 3D phenotyping of optically opaque tissues at cell resolution. K. Cheng, Y. Ding, X. Xin, F. Sun, D. Mandrell, C. Smallwood, T. Foster, D. Clark, A. Lin, J. Copper, S. Peckins, X. Xiao, F. De Carlo, G. Kindlmann, M. Mullins, Q. Du, P. La Riviere.

A microfluidic device to sort olfactory sensory neurons based on response to an odor. Swee Jin Tan, Michelle Kee, Ajay Mathuru, Bill Burkholder, Suresh Jesuthasan.

Cdk5-mediated kinase cascade regulates intrahepatic biliary network formation. Takuya Sakaguchi.

Differential gene expression during development. Derek Stemple, John Collins, Neha Wali, Ian Sealy, Peter Clarke, Chris Dooley, Richard White, Ross Kettleborough, Elisabeth Busch-Nentwich.

Screening biologics delivery vehicles and neuromodulators by fully-automated whole-brain activity imaging. Mehmet F. Yanik, Tsung-Yao Chang, Peng Shi, Mostafa Rezai, Amin Allalou, Yuelong Wu, Limor Freifeld, Peter Eimon.


An inducible Gal4-based enhancer trap screen that provides both spatial and temporal control of gene regulation. Pascale Dufourcq, Laurence Garrc, Raphael Aguillon, Patrick Blader.

Identification of vascular disruptor compounds through in vivo and in vitro screening. M. Bondesson, CW. McCollum, C. Hans, F. Merchant, J. Conde Vancells, M. Vazquez-Chantada, R. Cabrera, R. Finnell, JÅ. Gustafsson.

Developing zebrafish methodology to model genetic and environmental modifiers of the vertebrate stress response system (SRS). Tanya L. Poshusta, Randall G. Krug II, Han B. Lee, Karl J. Clark.

Elucidating the transcriptional regulation of zebrafish col2a1a gene. Sonja Dabizljevic, Peter Lyson, Daniel Brissette, Stephanie Erhard, Rodney M. Dale.

Progress of the European Zebrafish Resource Center. Robert Geisler, Nadine Borel, Marco Ferg, Jana Maier, Ravindra Peravali, Uwe Strähle.

Evidence that estrogens regulate heart rate via a G-protein coupled receptor. Daniel Gorelick, Shannon Romano, Muhan Hu, Kevin Stoltz.

A dual role for atp1b1a in osmoregulation and epidermal homeostasis. Julia Hatzold, Filippo Beleggia, Hannah Herzig, Wilhelm Bloch, Bernd Wollnik, Matthias Hammerschmidt.

“PICCORO”-A Novel Technique for Manipulating the Activity of Transcription Factors with Blue Light. Shinji Masuda, Yuki Nakatani, Shukun Ren, Mikiko Tanaka.

Expressed repeat elements improve RT-qPCR normalization across a wide range of zebrafish gene expression studies. Andy Willaert, Suzanne Vanhauwaert, Gert Van Peer, Ali Rihani, Els Janssens, Pieter Rondou, Steve Lefever, Anne De Paepe, Paul Coucke, Frank Speleman, Jo Vandesompele.

Adult Structures

Genetic analysis of adult pigment pattern formation in zebrafish. Uwe Irion, Hans Georg Frohnhoefer, Jana Krauss.

Differential Lectin Binding in Adult and Regenerating Zebrafish and Giant Danio Hearts. Pascal Lafontant.

Cell Biology and Cell Migration

The Slit-Robo pathway mediates dermal-epidermal cross-talk. Asharani P.V., XueLi Lok, Federico Torta, Markus Wenk, Tom Carney.

A novel developmental function for sphingosine kinase controlling epiboly. Karen Mendelson, Timothy Hla, Todd Evans.

Non-muscle myosin IIA and IIB differentially regulate cell shape changes during midbrain-hindbrain boundary morphogenesis. Jennifer Gutzman, Srishti Sahu, Constance Kwas.

Semaphorin3D regulates collective cell migration in the common cardinal veins. Mailin Hamm, Wiebke Herzog.

Dynamic localization of exocytic platforms directs cell shape changes in organogenesis. Ela W. Knapik, Daniel S. Levic, Gokhan Unlu.

Genetic epistasis and requirement of Wnt signaling genes to impart positional cues to regulate convergence and extension cell behaviors during embryonic craniofacial morphogenesis. Lucie Rochard, Stefanie Monica, Christina Nguyen, Sara Roberson, Marnie E. Halpern, Eric C. Liao.

S1pr2/Gα13-mediated endoderm convergence controls the migration of endocardial migration. Huaping Xie, Ding Ye, Fang Lin.

Regulation of retrograde axonal transport of mitochondria by members of dynein/dynactin complex. Alex Nechiporuk, Sara Lusk, Catherine Drerup.

Endoderm-mesoderm interactions control liver outgrowth and asymmetry. Elke Ober, Jordi Cayuso, Johanna Fischer, Josefine Bartholdson, Gavin Wright.

Chaperone networks in the early patterning of muscle sarcomeres. David Pilgrim, Kendal Prill, J. Layne Myhre.

In-vivo Analysis of Transport and Endocytosis of Wnt/β-Catenin Signalling. Anja Hagemann, Eliana Stanganello, Steffen Scholpp.

Calcium-dependent conformational changes in the Naked-Disheveled complex modulates Wnt signaling output. Diane Slusarski, Autumn Marsden, Trudi Westfall, Sarah Derry, Madeline Shea.

Cell polarity regulators aPKC and Lgl control the formation of actin based apical protrusions in the zebrafish epidermis. Renuka Raman, Rahul Rote, Chaitanya Dingare, Mahendra Sonawane.

Zebrafish larvae reveal a novel mediator of macrophage chemotaxis. Debra Tokarz, Amy Heffelfinger, Steffen Heber, Jeffrey Yoder.

Endodermal Systems

Genetic and chemical-genetic approaches for pancreatic beta-cell regeneration. Ezz Alfar, Sarah Birke, Liubov Stoliar, Nikolay Ninov.

Streamlined discovery of drugs that increase insulin-producing β-cell mass in vivo. Michael Parsons, Guangliang Wang, Surendra Rajpurohit, Fabien Delaspre, Jeff Mumm.

Understanding the role of miR-375 in early pancreatic islet development. Ankit Gupta, Dana deSantis, Scot Wolfe.

Inhibition of VEGF signaling ameliorates acute alcoholic liver injury in zebrafish. Changwen Zhang, Jillian Ellis, Chunyue Yin.

Germ Cells and Early Embryogenesis

Changing dynamics of the yolk cytoplasmic layer microtubule network during epiboly. Zhonghui Fei, Koeun Bae, Ashley Bruce.

Nucleoporin 62-like protein activates canonical Wnt signaling through facilitating the nuclear import of β-catenin in zebrafish. Zongbin Cui, Xiaojie Yang.

Transcriptional control of cell differentiation and proliferation by Max's Giant Associated protein. Wei-Chia Tseng, Yuhua Sun, Xiang Fan, Rebecca Ball, Scott Dougan.

The NFκB transcription factor Rel fine-tunes zebrafish dorsoventral pattern by regulating admp expression. S. Anai, S. Ota, T. Ishitani.

nebel/aspdh has a role in lysosome distribution, slow calcium wave formation and germ plasm segregation. C. Eno, X. Ge, T. Gomez, D. C. Slusarski, F. Pelegri.

Germ-cell specific expression regulation of the male sex determining gene of medaka. Manfred Schartl, Amaury Herpin, Mateus Adolfi, Peter Fischer.

Nanog negatively regulates the activity of the Wnt/b-catenin pathway via interacting with TCF. Mu-Dan He, Ding Ye, Feng-Hua Zhang, Hou-Peng Wang, Dong Guo, Zuo-Yan Zhu, Yong-Hua Sun.

Imaging Technologies

An Imaging Framework and Anatomical Atlas for 3D High Resolution Spatial Comparison of Gene Expression in the Larval Zebrafish Brain. Wolfgang Driever, Olaf Ronneberger.

Integrated analysis of brain patterning and morphogenesis with ultrashort pulse microscopy (UPM) and image registration. Arne Lekven, Holly Gibbs, Brian Kelly, Alvin Yeh.

Intraciliary calcium directs left-right development. Shiaulou Yuan, Lu Zhao, Martina Brueckner, zhaoxia sun.

Neural Circuits and Behavior

An activity-based somatosensory map in the zebrafish hindbrain as revealed by in vivo two-photon calcium imaging. Kazuhide Asakawa, Koichi Kawakami.

From circuits to behavior: Classification of object size during visually guided prey capture. Stephanie Preuss, Chintan Trivedi, Colette vomBerg-Maurer, Soojin Ryu, Johann Bollmann.

Trans-Cellular Activation of Transcription in Biological Systems. Josh Bonkowsky, J. Gao, T. Stevenson, M. Keefe.

Using zebrafish to explore the genetics of psychiatric disease. Caroline H. Brennan, Alistair Brock, Matthew Parker, David Joliffe, Valerie Kuan, Adrian Martineau, Robert Walton.

Probing neural identity and function using the Q transcriptional regulatory system. Marnie Halpern, Antara Ghosh, Erik Duboué, Abhignya Subedi.

Plasticity of glycinergic synapse in zebrafish. Hiromi Hirata, Kazutoyo Ogino, Kenta Yamada.

How light controls brain state. Suresh Jesuthasan, Ruey-Kuang Cheng, Seetha Krishnan, Qian Lin.

Targeted knockout of a chemokine-like gene increases anxiety and social cohesion. Cheol-Hee Kim, Jung-Hwa Choi, Tae-Ik Choi, Jong-Su Park, Krishan Ariyasiri, Kang-Han Lee, Sol-Bi Lee.

Stress behavior in larval zebrafish. S. Ryu, R. De Marco, A. Groneberg, T. Thieleman, L. Castillo.

Maternal Rest/NRSF Has Long-Term Impacts on Behavior. Howard Sirotkin, Cara Moravec, Hans Maswinkel, Wei Weng.

Molecular Genetic Analysis of Zebrafish Circadian Behaviors. Han Wang.

Development of social and anti-social interactions in young zebrafish. Stephen Wilson, Elena Dreosti, Goncalo Lopes, Adam Kampff.

Stem cells and regeneration

The Calcium-regulated phosphatase Calcineurin is required for setting the tissue boundaries between bones by instructing bone progenitor cells to become joints cells during regeneration of the zebrafish fin skeleton. Rene Bernitz, Satu Kujawski, Philip Franke, Christopher Antos.

Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell emergence is defective in spliceosomal mutants. Teresa Bowman, Rosannah Cameron, Adriana De La Garza-Sauceda, Sara Nik, Sara Payne, Ahmad Shaker.

Hepatopancreas duct specification and regeneration: a new hope for Alagille Syndrome. P. Duc Dong, Danhua Zhang, Keith Gates.

Heterogeneously expressed fezf2 patterns gradient Notch activityin balancing the quiescence, proliferation, and differentiationof adult neural stem cells. Su Guo.

Sox2 is necessary and sufficient to initiate Müller glia dedifferentiation and proliferation in the light-damaged zebrafish retina. David Hyde, Ryne Gorsuch.

Cellular Mechanisms of Zebrafish Liver Regeneration. Jianbo He, Huiqiang Lu, Qingliang Zou, Lingfei Luo.

Autocrine and paracrine TGFβ signalling is required for the emergence of haematopoietic stem cells. Rui Monteiro, Philip Pinheiro, Tessa Peterkin, Jana Koth, Roger Patient.

Innate immune system regulation of stem cell responsiveness during retinal regeneration. Jeff Mumm, David White.

Cell fate choices occur at the intersection of genetics and epigenetics. James T. Nichols, Sawyer Watson, John Dowd, Charles B. Kimmel.

The roles of bromodomain and extraterminal proteins in biliary-driven liver regeneration. Sungjin Ko, Tae-Young Choi, Juhoon So, Jacquelyn Russell, Satdarshan Monga, Donghun Shin.

Sequential and opposing activities of Wnt and BMP coordinate zebrafish bone regeneration. Scott Stewart, Alan Gomez, Benjamin Armstrong, Astra Henner, Gabriel Yette, Kryn Stankunas.

Early Signalling Pathways in Adult Zebrafish Regeneration: ROS Meet Nerve to Tackle Progenitor Recruitment and Morphogenetic Field Set up. Sophie Vriz, Christine Rampon, Francesca Meda, Carole Gauron, Eliane Ipendey, Michel Volovitch.

Brg1 Positively Regulates Myocardial Proliferation and Regeneration. Chenglu Xiao, Lu Gao, Nannan Chang, Xiaojun Zhu, Jing-Wei Xiong.

MicroRNA-101 Controls Cardiomyocyte Proliferation and Scar Tissue Resolution during Heart Regeneration. Voot Yin, Megan Chase, Ashley Smith.